Automation and Analytical Management Group

The primary objective of the Group is to extend the knowledge, understanding and application of all aspects of automated analytical and process chemistry. This includes the use of information technology to acquire and manage analytical data, to administer laboratory operations and to process and store derived management information.

The AAMG is an Interest Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Membership of the Group is open to all RSC members and we also welcome participation from a broad range of disciplines. We also invite RSC members and other interested scientists to join our MyRSC Forum where you may open or participate in discussion of topics relevant to the Group’s activities. The origins of the Group date back to 1965 so we have long experience of a wide range of topics within our chosen field.

The Group’s objectives are achieved through lectures, symposia, conferences and similar events. These are sponsored by the Group itself or in conjunction with a RSC Region, with another Group of the RSC Analytical Division, or with any other relevant body having objectives that are consistent with those of the RSC. We have two well-established series of annual conferences: monitoring and regulation of ambient air measurements and the technology and application of chemical sensors.