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The AAMG implemented its first website almost 20 years ago, back in the days of dialup Internet access. That was long before many major companies had ventured onto the World Wide Web. Over the years three successive webmasters have taken the site through a number of different styles. In many ways their changes reflect the evolution of the Internet, the browsers and the software used to construct websites.

Of course, the screenshots below also reveal changing fashions and the personal preferences of the webmasters. Nevertheless, they do demonstrate a trend typical of many long-established websites. Ours was initially totally text-based. It then became increasing complex allowed by new software, more powerful PCs and faster broadband connections. Finally it went back to a simpler approach to accommodate the smaller screens of tablets and smart phones.

The first AAMG website as it appeared in 2002.
The AAMG website in 2006, still text-based but with added graphics.
By 2007 the AAMG website  had moved away from simple text to a dual column approach
Later in 2007 the AAMG website adopted three columns, a new typeface and use of photographs.
By 2013 the AAMG website had adopted WordPress and a much more interactive style.