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Monitoring Ambient Air (MAA)

The AAMG has organised a regular series of two day December conferences on the theme of air pollution for the past 20 years. The first, in 1999, was entitled Monitoring for the Millennium. It set the scene for the series by bringing together three distinct groups of participants:

  • researchers developing air pollution monitoring technology
  • scientists operating ambient air monitoring networks
  • officials responsible for UK and European air pollution regulations

The second conference, in 2002, was entitled Monitoring Ambient Air: European Perspective on Particulates and Photo-oxidants and initiated the annual events which continue to this day. The theme of each conference has varied within a wide range of air pollution monitoring topics but the acronym MAA was adopted several years ago in order to give the series its own distinctive brand.

The links below give access to downloads of programmes, abstracts and in some cases selected presentations from several recent MAA conferences.

MAA 2019 MAA 2018 MAA 2017 MAA 2016 MAA 2015 MAA 2014 MAA 2013 MAA 2012 MAA 2011

Dr Paul Quincey, one of the MAA organisers, presents at MAA 2019
Viewing the poster display at MAA 2016
The RSC’s main lecture theatre at Burlington House, the current MAA venue