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MAA 2012

Air Quality Monitoring
Opening opportunities through new technologies and data analysis

12 – 13 December 2012
The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London

Monitoring of air quality takes place for two related reasons – checking for compliance with legislation, and improving our understanding of air pollution and its effects. While regulatory measurement dominates in terms of national-scale long-term monitoring, it necessarily entails caution about changing metrics, measuring technologies and monitoring strategies, which may otherwise improve our understanding and, as a consequence, enhance our scope for interventions to improve air pollution.

MAA 2012 lecture theatre

In recent years, many new technologies have been developed that promise valuable information, for example highly time-resolved data to improve source attribution that was not available before. Other developments offer opportunities for new measurement strategies to clarify spatial variations of pollution within cities, or personal exposure. With these developments have come new ways of collecting and analysing data, and synergistic development of models.

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This conference addressed these developments and the new opportunities that they offered. It was introduced by internationally recognised experts to set the scene at the national and European level and brought together leading scientists and policy makers, to provide a broad and up-to-date survey of the measurement, regulatory and scientific issues. The conference also provided an update on the European-funded AirMonTech project which aimed to harmonize current air pollution monitoring techniques and to advise on future monitoring technologies and strategy.

The conference booklet with the programme and a full set of abstracts, together with a report of the meeting, are available to view/download using the links below.

Conference booklet download

Meeting report download