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MAA 2014
Air Quality in Europe –
New Challenges

9 – 10 December 2014
at Royal Society of Chemistry
Burlington House, London

In several European countries, air quality made headline news in 2014 in a way that had not been seen for decades. While the regulation of emissions, and our understanding of the sources and mechanisms involved in air quality, move forward every year, the overall situation may not, as control in some areas is counterbalanced by uncontrolled developments in others.

Following 2013’s successful liaison with Defra’s Air Quality Expert Group, there were again overview presentations on topics currently being reviewed by that group. They concerned pollution sources that were either relatively new, or that had not received the attention that they merit: shipping, biomass burning and shale gas extraction (often called “fracking”), and also an assessment of the evidence for photocatalytic paints as a means to reduce NOx concentrations. In addition, there was an update on the EU funded CARBOTRAF project and a session focused on black carbon and other air pollution emissions from traffic. The meeting also included a session on advances in air quality measurement, anon-going theme of this conference series. This year the AAMG conference was preceded by the CARBOTRAF final conference which took place on 8th December at Burlington  House

The conference booklet with the programme and a full set of abstracts is available to view/download using the link below.

Conference booklet download