MAA 2016

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MAA 2016
Air Quality Monitoring
Evolving Issues and New Technologies

12 – 13 December 2016
at Royal Society of Chemistry
Burlington House, London

2016 saw air quality issues remain high on the public and political agendas. In parallel, there were many developments in technologies that can help clarify which are the main  contributors  to  air  pollution, reduce emissions from specific sources, and reduce exposure to the public.

Building on the success of this long-running annual event, the 2016 conference addressed these developments and the prospects that they offered for the future. The conference was held in collaboration with Defra’s Air Quality Expert Group and included sessions based on the topics AQEG were currently scoping, to help gather relevant evidence. These topics included mitigation methods such as photocatalytic paint or urban vegetation as means of reducing exposure, ultrafine particles and engineered nanoparticles, and agricultural emissions. The conference also included the presentation of results from the recent Defra funded project on innovative technologies for air quality monitoring.

The conference booklet with the programme and a full set of abstracts is available to view/download using the link below.

Conference booklet download