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MAA 2017
Air Quality – the wider picture
Current Issues and New Technologies

13 – 14 December 2017
at Royal Society of Chemistry
Burlington House, London

2017 saw issues relating to poor air quality continue to remain high on the public and political agendas. While there is general consensus on the benefits of reducing ambient concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter, there are many open questions about the priorities for maximum health benefits, the changing sources of these pollutants, and the best ways to reduce exposure to the public. All these questions need to be addressed using reliable evidence.

Building on the success of this long-running annual event, this conference presented an update on a range of relevant topics. As in previous conferences, the presenters included internationally recognised experts and provided opportunities for a range of contributed talks and posters, providing a broad and up-to-date survey of the measurement, regulatory and scientific issues affecting air quality.

The conference was again held in collaboration with Defra’s Air Quality Expert Group and included sessions based on recently-published AQEG reports, as well as topics AQEG were currently scoping, to help gather relevant evidence. These sessions focussed on effects on air quality from biomass burning, shipping, and assessing the effectiveness of local scale interventions such as traffic controls and Clean Air Zones.

The conference booklet with the programme and a full set of abstracts is available to view/download using the link below.

Conference booklet download