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Sensor technologies and applications

The AAMG has organised an annual one day conference on sensor technologies for over 10 years, the emphasis for many of the meetings being on developments in chemical sensors and their application. The first, in 2009, was entitled Chemical Sensors – Moving From Measurement to Control. It emphasised the integration of sensors into automation applications such as manufacturing, process technology and healthcare rather than being merely monitoring devices. This topic has appeared throughout the subsequent meetings.

Sensors and related technologies are an expanding market with developments occurring at a rapid rate. Manufacturing industry is introducing a number of new products and services that incorporate sensing technology and sensors are now becoming a key component in the industrial and process control sectors. Current developments and applications are driven by developments in semiconductor technology, smart and ‘intelligent’ sensors and demands by the industrial users of sensors for cost-effective and yet complex measuring and monitoring products.  

The continued proliferation of advanced electronic control systems has provided users with a number of advantages such as sensor accuracy, reliability, response time, robustness, miniaturization, communications capability and increased production efficiencies. Sensors incorporating nanotechnologies are now under development. This drives forward research and development in sensors technology, providing opportunities for the advancement of sensor technology and new applications for sensors. Sensor development today is strongly directed to the miniaturization of devices, integration of different sensors and multisensors, as well as integration between sensors and microelectronics. The annual AAMG meetings provide an important forum to discuss new directions in sensor technology and applications in the real world.  

The links below give access to downloads of programmes, abstracts and in some cases conference reports or selected presentations from several recent sensors conferences.

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