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Chemical and Biochemical Sensors:
Moving from Measurement to Control

20 May 2009
Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, London

This meeting was the first to be organised by the AAMG in the area of sensor technology and applications. It was felt that a workshop style meeting would provide a forum to discuss important physical and technological progress which had been taking place in the development of new and advanced sensor families. Sensor development is strongly directed to the miniaturization of devices, integration of different sensors and multi-sensors, as well as integration between sensors and microelectronics. The topics chosen for the meeting included new directions in sensor technology and applications in the real world such as monitoring the environment and health issues.

The first session provided an introduction to sensor technologies including chemical/biochemical sensors together with sensor fusion and nanotechnologies. Session two included a range of applications, for example, monitoring the indoor environment to develop sustainable management programmes. This required a number of different sensors using nano and micro technologies utilising doped zinc oxide films, nano-crystalline mixed metal oxides (WO3/NiO2) and FETS. Additional presentations included monitoring water quality for pH, turbidity, colour, VOCs in exhaled breath using metal oxide sensors, and food analysis utilising sensors based on  enzymes/antibodies with electro optical transducers and multi sensor arrays.

The meeting was attended by over 50 delegates, including 14 research students, representing a wide range of organisations. It demonstrated the extensive interest in the subject and was judged by the organisers to have been an interesting and successful event. A follow-up meeting was, therefore, planned to take place in 2010 or 2011.

The full meeting programme with abstracts of the presentations can be downloaded using the link below.

Meeting booklet download