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Sensors 2011
Monitoring the Aquatic Environment
Using Sensor Technologies

19 October 2011
at Royal Society of Chemistry
Burlington House, London

The previous two conferences held on Sensor Systems in 2009 and 2010 were focused on general technologies and applications to environmental monitoring. This third conference aimed to discuss the present status of aquatic monitoring requirements, procedures, techniques and application of sensor technologies. Sessions included development of new sensors, automated monitoring techniques and procedures and remote monitoring techniques. The interest in and use of sensing techniques in environmental aquatic monitoring has grown  rapidly in recent years  enhanced by the potential for automation and remote at-site measurements with low cost methodologies and miniature instrumentation. Opportunities were again provided again for postgraduate PhD students and young postdoctoral researchers to give oral and poster presentations related to the theme of the conference. The conference offered a good opportunity to bring together scientists involved in this field to exchange experiences and thoughts about the new applications and novel sensors. As in previous years the conference presentations were accompanied by poster presentations and an exhibition.

The conference booklet, which includes a complete programme and a full set of abstracts, may be downloaded using the link below.

Conference booklet download