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New Materials and Developments in Sensor Technologies

18 June 2014
at Royal Society of Chemistry
Burlington House, London

This was the sixth annual AAMG conference concerning monitoring and analysis using sensor technologies, however, the majority of papers and posters were presented by young researchers. The conference, attended by over 40 participants and one exhibitor, comprised two sessions, New Materials in Sensor Technologies and Analytical Monitoring Techniques.

New Materials in Sensor Technologies featured a series of interesting and thought provoking presentations by leading experts in their field:

  • Developing Optical Fibre Sensors for Industrial Applications by Ken Gratton, City University, London
  • Graphene based Sensors by Arvind Vijayaraghavan of The University of Manchester
  • Recent Advances in Diamond Materials for Chemical Sensing Applications by Emmanuel Scorsone of the Institut CEA LIST, France

Additional presentations in this session included Low Operating Temperature Metal Oxide Sensors for Carbon dioxide and A Nanoparticle Based Sensor For E. Coli Bacteria.

Analytical Monitoring Techniques consisted of papers presented by Gerhard Müller, Technical University of Munich, Germany on Detection of Security Threats using Solid State Gas Sensors and by several young and other researchers and featured the development and evaluation of a varied range of sensors utilising, for example, conducting polymer sensors for monitoring VOCs from fungal growths, polymeric gold sensors as leukemia bio-markers, solid state gas sensors for monitoring security threats, point-of-care assays using particle analysis, microwave spectroscopy analysis for determining the quality of vegetable oils and headspace multi-capillary column GC ion mobility spectrometry for volatile compounds. The range of topics and the posters produced much discussion between the delegates, the conference was considered most successful particularly as young researchers were able to contribute to the conference and participate in the discussions.

The conference abstract booklet and selected presentations, including exhibitor presentations, are available to view/download using the link below.

Conference downloads